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ASIASI advertorial. Winter maintenance – prevention is better than a cure

This year’s harsh winter has left a legacy of damaged roads in need of urgent repair. These repairs have to be quickly addressed and sometimes repeatedly carried out in order to make the roads safe and to mitigate any potential insurance claims resulting from the sudden increase in portholes and failed trenches.

However, a question that surely must be asked is: “Why can’t we stop potholes from forming in the first place?”

A number of ASI clients are reaping the benefits of forward thinking and doing just this. Over the last three years almost 3,000,000m2 of the UK road network has undergone preservation treatment with ASI’s sustainable asphalt preservative Rhinophalt. Those clients who have used this preservative are reporting that following the recent snow and freezing temperatures, they have found that treated roads have performed extremely well with no remedial winter maintenance required or any sudden deterioration occurring.

The preventative approach of Rhinophalt offers a way to break the cycle of road authorities trying to find the funding to replace road surfaces to undertake a reactive programme of quick fixes. Industry and media reports, including comments made by Geoff French, vice president of the Institute of Civil Engineers, have all pointed to the need for long-term preventive road maintenance. In addition to helping stretch the budgets of road authorities, preventive maintenance also has sustainability credentials as it prolongs the service life of roads. Roads are a vital asset. They need to be treated as such.

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