New figures from the RAC Foundation highlight the fact that motorists are paying four times more money in taxation than is being spent by the government on roads. This is simply unacceptable believes the Road Surface Treatments Association (RSTA).

The RAC report, ‘Public expenditure, taxes and subsidies: land transport in Great Britain’, shows that in 2013 £30.7 billion was raised from direct motoring taxation (excluding VAT). This included £24.8 billion from fuel duty and £5.9 billion from vehicle excise duty. However, in the same year just £7.5 billion was spent on the road network: £3 billion on motorways and trunk roads and £4.5 billion on the local road network.

“There is a substantial gap between the taxation levied on motorists and the amount the government provides for roads. The result is under investment and potholes,” said Howard Robinson, RSTA chief executive.

Some £12 billion is necessary to address the national and local backlog of repairs and potholes.

“UK motorists are getting a raw deal. They provide over £30 billion in taxes to the Treasury. It seems only reasonable that a fair share of that is invested back into the road network”, said Robinson.