The Road Surface Treatments Association (RSTA) has launched a new website to help provide more effective support for its members and the wider highway maintenance community. It is also designed to help increase the RSTA’s ability to offer advice on and promote surface treatments as the most sustainable, cost effective and important part of asset management strategies across the UK.

The website contains new, easy-to-use sections, to promote the work of the RSTA as it develops and updates codes of practices, its training and assessment programmes for industry and continues to offer a comprehensive testing and technical advisory service. Alongside this, the sections on safety, health and environment and sustainability in the sector reflect the association’s on-going programme of works as well as its collaborative approach with organisations such as the IHE, LCRIG and Safer Highways.

This will be backed up by a new marketing strategy delivered by H2H Marketing Services that will complement the RSTA’s new overall three-year strategy and help promote the work of members in the sector, as well as bring more awareness to surface treatments and their benefits.

The three-year strategy builds on the association’s mission to be the trusted voice of the UK highways industry on road surface treatments solutions, helping to improve standards and training as well as effectively communicate the good work of its members as they deliver vital highway maintenance around the country.

Paul Boss, Chief Executive of the RSTA said: “The new website reflects our intention to not only continue to provide better services to our members but also our intention to offer the best advice on surface treatments as well as continue to raise awareness through effective communication around the benefits they bring to a rapidly changing and increasingly important highway maintenance industry in the UK.”