The results of a new survey that has found seven out of ten drivers aged over 50 believe that the condition of UK roads has declined over the years should come as no surprise says the Road Surface Treatments Association (RSTA).

Saga Car Insurance surveyed some 10,000 drivers and found that a high proportion do not believe that enough is being done to repair potholes. Eight out of ten respondents say that overall road maintenance has got worse.

The survey found that the worst roads are in Yorkshire and the North West, the West Midlands and Scotland. The best roads were reported to be in Wales, London and the North East.

“The SAGA survey provides an interesting insight as it asks motorists who have the driving experience that enable them to compare the condition of roads over several decades,” said Howard Robinson, RSTA Chief Executive. “The lack of real investment in road maintenance during those decades is evident by today’s estimated £12bn cost to repair the backlog of existing potholes.

It is not so much a case of fondly remembering the past but worrying about your vehicle’s suspension as you hit another pothole.”