The Road Surface Treatments Association (RSTA) has welcomed the decision to issue road workers with police-style body cameras after they received abusive threats from motorists.

Workers on a new £1.3 million cycle lane near Wivenhoe, Essex, have faced numerous abusive threats from motorists including one brandishing a knuckleduster. To protect the road workers Essex County Council have issued body cameras and placed warning signs that CCTV is in use.

The move comes as an increasing number of road maintenance companies report high levels of abuse from motorists ranging from verbal abuse to physical attacks. “Working on a live road is dangerous enough without the additional threats of verbal and physical abuse,” said Howard Robinson, RSTA chief executive. “Motorists complain about the condition of our roads, yet when our members go out to repair them they are subjected to swearing, being spat at or even shot at.

Road workers have a right to be protected from this and we welcome moves by Essex County Council to provide body cameras as a deterrent.”