The Road Surface Treatments Association (RSTA) has questioned the government’s launch of a £2 million fund to allow English councils to adopt intelligent transport technologies. RSTA believes that getting the basics right, such as a addressing the deteriorating local road network, should take priority.

The Department for Transports (DfT) has invited councils to bid for a share of the fund to invest in new technology to enhance the experience of driving. Bids between £30,000 and £300,000 for co-operative intelligence funding are invited, with councils being expected to provide at least 5% of the project costs. Councils have until 30th September 2016 to submit their bids with the winners being revealed in November and schemes expected to be completed by March 2018.

“Our local road network needs £12 billion just to bring it up to standard. The best way for the driving experience to be enhanced is for proper investment in the maintenance and repair of the local road network, not in technology announcing changing weather or traffic conditions,” said Howard Robinson RSTA chief executive. “Although we welcome any initiative that offers advice to motorists concerning changeable driving conditions, ensuring a well-maintained and safe road network must be the first priority.”