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The ability of local authorities to effectively manage their infrastructure assets is to take a significant step forward following a partnership between Gaist and the leading asset management software platform, Confirm.

The partnership will see Gaist’s detailed and high-definition data about the roads and roadside infrastructure, made available through the Confirm platform.

Confirm, which was last year acquired by Dude Solutions, is widely used by organisations across the public and private sector to support them in extending the life of their assets, managing their capital planning processes and maximising operational efficiencies.

Andrew Loveless at Gaist, said: “Gaist have long been committed to making our data, insight and services available to clients across multiple platforms. Partnering with the best platform providers will continue to allow us to provide our ground breaking ‘Roads as a Service’ provision, enabling private and public partners to access a range of datasets bespoke to their needs.”

“We are pleased to formalise the partnership in this manner and continue to bring the best roadscape data to Local Authority and other clients through the Confirm platform, further allowing them to meet current and future challenges.”

Steve Wilkens, GM at Confirm, said: “We are pleased to have been working with Gaist for almost 2 years to present the best possible data to our customers.  As market leaders in managing assets and asset data, the compatibility between our solutions is a winning combination for our clients. We are proud to announce the formal partnership.”

The alliance with Confirm marks the latest in a series of partnerships by Gaist as it leverages its reputation for boundary-pushing and innovation to further advance management of infrastructure assets both in the UK and globally.

Meanwhile, the Gaist says it is set to play a central role in the next wave of intelligent mobility developments, following a collaboration with the world-leading testbed, the Smart Mobility Living Lab.

The SMLL is to integrate Gaist’s Roads as a Service (“RaaS”) providing a number rich datasets and insight into its lab testbed:

Gaist is supporting the 24km stretch of road network used to trial mobility technologies by supplying highly detailed carriageway and footway condition surveys combined with a full roadscape asset inventory. All of this is supported by Gaist HighwayView and 360 degree HD Imagery. Alongside this, Gaist have London wide data sets of dynamic road condition data and aligned 360 HD imagery, covering 14,000km of every road with the capital which will be available in the lab.

The testbed, in East London, is the most advanced of its kind. It is used by private and public sector organisations to answer crucial questions about their innovations, such as ‘is it safe enough?’ and ‘how will this service interface with existing transport services?’ and to demonstrate and evaluate their performance, safety and environmental impact.

Developed by TRL with partners from government and industry, the lab is currently being used as a centre to plan and deliver real-world user trials of Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) technologies and to support the accelerated training of AI systems.

The tie-up – the latest in a series of global partnerships unveiled by Gaist – sees Gaist join an elite club of forward-thinking businesses and academic institutions. SMLL members include Honda, Aviva, Nissan, Cisco and Telefonica.

Andrew Loveless, added: “The Highway is at the heart of many UK Government policies and initiatives providing the physical linkages for commerce, mobility and regeneration. Gaist and the Smart Mobility Living Lab have a shared vision of providing data at scale, to power a national digital Road as a Service “RaaS” allowing aggregated data sets to be provided to a broad set of stakeholders including CAV, transport, local authorities and central government. Today from the lab Gaist can show road condition as experienced by motorists on every road in London dynamically updated to enable the planning of journeys by the safest route.”

Lucien Linders, General Manager at the Smart Mobility Living Lab, said: “We are excited to welcome Gaist as our latest member to provide the opportunity to actively engage with the rapidly developing and exciting mobility eco-system. It further strengthens our community and shows that more and more companies believe that a collaborative, fostering environment will help and guide them to successful development and deployment of future mobility products and services.”

Launched earlier this year, the Gaist Global Partnership Programme is seeing Gaist forge relationships with organisations across the mapping, mobility and asset management sectors.