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Department for Transport proposals to fine councils and utility firms £5,000 a day for leaving roadworks unattended at weekends would further reduce local authority funds for essential road maintenance warns the Road Surface Treatments Association (RSTA).

Under the proposals, local authorities and contractors would have to work seven days a week or remove roadworks at weekends. The plans cover the 24,000 miles network of A roads that are overseen by local authorities. Currently, there is a penalty of £5,000 a day for delayed roadworks, but these ‘overrun’ charges do not apply to local authorities.

“Frustration at unattended roadworks is understandable but to fine local authorities is self-defeating,” said Howard Robinson RSTA Chief Executive. “The fines would further diminish already limited local authority funds. Fine payments would be money which could otherwise be spent on maintaining roads and so reduce the need for roadworks in the first place”.