In today’s Budget (18th March 2015) Chancellor George Osborne has committed to a package of support for a Northern Powerhouse, new housing zones throughout the country and improved rail links. This infrastructure investment, although welcomed, is in danger of not reaching its potential if the road network that links them is congested and poorly maintained warned the Road Surface Treatments Association (RSTA).

“The Chancellor’s proposals are ambitious yet they are not joined-up. To have pockets of high investment is of little use if the roads connecting them are crumbling away”, said Howard Robinson, RSTA Chief Executive.

He continued: “After decades of under-investment, our potholed local road network has a black hole of £12 billion needed to bring it up to an acceptable standard. Local authorities are struggling with ever reducing budgets and are unable to commit to the necessary levels of road maintenance.

The Chancellor has focussed on the commitment to pay down the deficit. He has failed to recognise that the provision of a well-maintained road network is a prerequisite for a successful economy.”