Issue 11 - Winter 2013


RSTA Training


The CITB are reintroducing claiming for "½ day" training — minimum 3 hours. They are also paying a "bonus" to all Levy paying companies that have claimed CITB Grant for training over the last 12 months. In November of this year CITB automatically sent the bonus of between 12 – 15% of the CITB Grant claimed to the company for all training claimed in this 2012–2013 Grant year, with a minimum payment of £250, AND they will do the same again in 2014. This is on top of the Supplementary payments.

To maximise your return on your CITB Levy:
  • Carry out and claim as much training as possible over the coming 12 months
  • Ensure your completed Levy return has been submitted by 31 July 2013
Doing this (with agreed payment by either lump sum or Direct Debit) guarantees you a 22% supplementary payment on all training.

If not returned by this deadline the Grant for any training completed next year will be "frozen" and not paid until the completed return is received – and you will miss out on the supplementary payment uplift. Failure to complete the return by December 31st 2013 will mean no Grant will be paid on any training carried out in the Grant year of 2013/2014 and therefore no "bonus".

The RSTA runs a wide range of training programmes that are CITB Grant approved so please contact us for full details on courses that could help you recoup more of the Levy that you have to pay.

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