Issue 11 - Winter 2013


RSTA Sector Updates


  • The committee is gathering evidence of Surface Dressing skidding resistance measured using Scrim to justify a reduction in chipping psv specified for S/D sites
  • The Code of Practice for Spray Tanker operation is to be updated following a health & safety incident recently
  • New site safety rules are to be developed to address delivery of chippings to storage depots following a recent health & safety incident
  • New guidance to be developed for TAIT’s to standardise the approach taken by notified bodies.


  • The European Standards for Testing EN12274 Parts 1-8 are being updated as part of the 5 year review
  • A new standard for Airfields is now at CEN enquiry prEN16333.


  • The committee is to develop new guidance on product selection to advise where different products can be used
  • The BBA are conducting a thorough review of HFS sites to assess overall service life and durability.


  • A new Code of Practice for Innovative Patching Systems was published in August 2013 and is available from www.rsta-uk.org/publications.htm
  • A new Code of Practice for Innovative Patching Products is soon to be published
  • A new Re-texturing and Surface Re-Profiling Committee has been established. The committee is currently submitting information for updating HD31 and HD32 in the design manual (DMRB).


  • Clause 936 is being developed for inclusion in the Specification for Highway Works 900 series for geosynthetics & steel meshes
  • A new chapter on these products is to be included in HD37 due for publication next year
  • Sector Scheme 13 now includes Geosynthetics & Steel meshes.
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