Issue 11 - Winter 2013


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Highways maintenance and civil engineering contractor JPCS has appointed Rosie Shanks as it new commercial and business development manager. Shanks have over 20 years' experience in the highways and local authority sector that includes working for local authorities and private contractors. In her new role, Shanks will be responsible for growing the company's client base in highways, rail and renewable energy infrastructure, as well as developing and managing the strategy for long-term growth. Commenting on her new role, Shanks said: "I've been impressed with the importance that JPCS places on innovation in both products and processes to general and deliver additional value for its clients. I'm looking forward to building on service".

Peter Shone, managing director of JPCS said: "We're remarkably proud of our employees for their dedication to the business and improving working practices over the last two decades. JPCS is committed to providing the best service to its customers and to be recognised for a second time this year by the British Quality Foundation is an honour."

For further information visit: www.jpcs.co.uk


Specialist contractor Klaruw has undertaken a contract to partially re-texture 15 corners on rural Aberdeen roads to improve tyre traction and, therefore, road safety.

The company has carried out similar work on other sections of roads including the C128C Kingswells to Countesswells Road and B997 Scotstown Road. Since re-texturing, the number of reported accidents has been reduced to nil. Klaruw carried out the re-texturing using machinery which needle-punches the road surface, roughening the asphalt and creating greater tyre traction.

Aberdeen's Enterprise, Planning and Infrastructure director, Gordon McIntosh, said; "Re-texturing the road surface has been shown to drastically reduce the accident rates on roads. The results we've seen from work carried out has been fantastic with the number of accidents on each corner treated reduced to zero."

For further information on Klaruw visit: www.klaruw.co.uk


Public service provider, Amey Infrastructure, have installed a number of Ultracrete coverTEC® composite covers and frames in and around Plymouth City in an effort to improve road safety for pedestrians and motorists.

Plymouth City Council had been experiencing some issues which a number of manhole covers which had become worn and polished due to heavy trafficking and posed a serious risk to the public. Ultracrete, manufacturer of highways maintenance solutions, recommended the installation of their coverTEC® class D400 vehicular access covers to resolve the issue.

The covers are made of an advanced composite structure of glass fibre and resin as opposed to conventional metal, and have an extremely hard wearing tread pattern, which is guaranteed for the life of the product (a minimum of 15 years). They are manufactured with an anti-slip surface that is equivalent in value to a high quality road surface and maintain their non-slip properties even when wet. So in terms of safety, they provide significantly more grip than iron or steel, whose tread surfaces become polished, providing a poor level of grip which can lead to serious accidents for road users.

The frames offer full faced seating for the cover (compared to the 3 point seating traditionally found with iron covers, where if one point corrodes, rocking will occur), eliminating displacement. This removes the potential for rattling covers, which cause disruption and noise pollution.

The covers are not electrically conductive, protecting pedestrians from the possibility of accidental electrical shock, and are very lightweight - a third of the weight of ductile, making it easier and safer for operatives to handle.

Their non-metal composition means that they have no scrap value, and therefore are of no interest to metal thieves who leave gaping holes in the road, costing councils on average £1500 per repair to replace the missing covers, not to mention the huge threat posed to the safety of road users.

For further information on coverTEC® visit: www.ultracrete.co.uk


As part of a new school development on the A511 Tutbury Rd, Burton on Trent, it was necessary for Staffordshire CC to adjoin the existing highway to the new access road into the school. Wherever new road construction joins existing highway there is a potential for a crack in the joint of the asphalt to develop as a result of differential settlement. Enterprise Staffordshire, the term maintenance contractor, agreed with the client to install Glasgrid Rapid Repair 100 to protect against crack formation.

The material was centred 600mm either side of the joint before being overlaid with fresh binder course. Paul Croxton, operations manager for Enterprise Staffordshire, was delighted with the ease of the installation process and commented: "ARS have been a long standing supply chain partner to our contract with Staffordshire County Council. Glasgrid Rapid Repair 100 has provided a solution that will protect the longevity of the road surface and was easily installed causing no delays to our surfacing operation".

Other applications for Glasgrid Rapid Repair system are to strengthen asphalt used in utility trench reinstatements, haunch repairs and to extend the life of patching surrounding ironwork in the wheel track.

For further information on the Glasgrid Repair System, visit: www.asphaltrs.co.uk

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