Issue 11 - Winter 2013


Chairman's View
Stewart Struthers, RSTA Chairman

Budgetary cutbacks, sustainability issues and meeting the expectations of motorists is a challenging combination that is seeing local highway authorities turn to the road surface industry for cost effective and innovative solutions.

RSTA members have a positive role to play by working with clients to develop solutions that are innovative, cost effective and sustainable. Accordingly, they are investing in new products and processes and are ready to collaborate and share best practice in order to provide 'more for less' and 'less is more' in terms of meeting budget restrictions and delivering carbon emission reductions. However, it is important that the investment made in innovation is not wasted. Clients should ensure that they are ready to listen to new ideas, be ready to 'think outside the box' and look beyond the tired mantra of 'that's how we've always done it'.

And it is not just innovative products and processes. New working collaboration and relationships are being developed. For example, RSTA is involved with and fully supportive of the work being carried out by the Highways Maintenance Efficiency Programme (HMEP) that is examining new ways of working between councils and suppliers. The Association delivers a full programme of conferences and training that provide forums for new innovations to be shared and examined.

These are challenging times. Despite cuts in highway authority budgets, safety and performance standards and sustainability targets must still be met. The road surface treatments sector is playing an increasing role in providing the innovative solutions that enable highway authorities achieve more for less.

Stewart Struthers
RSTA Chairman

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