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Successfully proven in the USA, Fortseal is now available in the UK from the Bituchem Group. Fortseal is a light application of a fast setting emulsion which covers small cracks and surface voids, enriching the bitumen and reducing ravelling. It provides a cost-effective way to rejuvenate and seal pavement surfaces.

Benefits include:

  • Seals asphalt from water penetration
  • Blacken asphalt adding differentiation to asphalt lanes
  • Renews aged bitumen pavements that have become dry and brittle and prevents ravelling
  • Easily flows into cracks and surface voids due to its low viscosity
  • Can be used in conjunction with surface dressing to prevent chip loss
  • Is an extremely cost effective pavement preservation treatment that prolongs pavement life and delays major maintenance or reconstruction work

Fortseal is applied like a surface dressing emulsion using sprayer jets are applied by brushing the product onto the designated surface.

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