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Our mission is to help you improve the in-service performance of asphalt pavements from design to installation by extending pavement life and reducing the demand for reactive maintenance.

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The benefits of Asphalt Reinforcement and Preservation includes:

  • Reduced ongoing maintenance and unplanned interventions by up to 40%
  • Withstands all extreme weather conditions
  • Slows road degradation and doubles the life of Asphalt
  • Retains the original surface characteristics
  • Fewer potholes and claims

Asphalt Reinforcement

Reflective cracking in the road surface is a significant problem and a major drain on public funds. Asphalt Reinforcement Services offer geosynthetic and steel mesh systems to provide a sustainable solution.

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Asphalt Preservation

Double asphalt life for 30% of the replacement costs with Rhinophalt® supplied and installed by Asphalt Preservation Services. Rhinophalt® is a preventative maintenance treatment that preserves, protects and extends the life of asphalt reducing the need for reactive maintenance.

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What our customers say

“Asphalt Reinforcement Services provided a long-lasting solution that helped reduce cost and reactive maintenance.”

“I was highly impressed by the speed and quality of the ARS Installation operation.”

“Road is performing very well today with little or no reflective cracking at present.”

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