Thermal Road Repairs

With reducing budgets everyone is being tasked to find permanent first time solutions which save money. By delivering a cheaper and seamless high quality permanent first time repair Nu-Phalt Ltd can deliver MORE for Less. Their proven and cost effective solution to road repair has been taken up by many councils throughout the UK who have found the innovative award winning thermal patch repair system to be

  • Cheaper
  • Permanent
  • Seamless
  • Faster
  • Safer
  • and Greener

Nu-Phalt, an experienced award winning engineering company, has taken Infra red technology to the next generation through their patented and fully controllable (NIT) efficient heaters. The system has BBA HAPAS certification and when combined with a single vehicle solution is able to significantly reduce carbon footprint and support future sustainability targets.


  • Reduces the carbon footprint compared to traditional asphalt patching by about 85%.
  • Recycles existing asphalt surface course.
  • No waste to landfill.
  • Minimal additional aggregate and binder needed to complete the patch repair.
  • No saw cutting/ jack hammering – no dust, no noise and no hand arm vibration issues.
  • An emulsion binder is used which is environmentally friendly.
  • Timely intervention will enable repaired road surfaces to last longer thereby increasing
  • the time to when structural maintenance is required.
  • Maximises the cost effectiveness of limited highway maintenance funds.

Some considerations

  • Thermal road repairs can be specified in accordance with Clause 946 in the Specification
  • for Highway Works but the contractor will require a BBA HAPAS certificate for the
  • proposed system.
  • The work should be carried out by a fully experienced contractor who can demonstrate
  • that he has a record of quality work.