Spray Injection Patching

A rapid patching technique suitable for use on rural and urban roads using cold emulsion asphalt which is placed into the void depression in the road surface under high pressure. The void is first blasted with compressed air to clean the surface and remove any debris, then the surface of the void is sprayed and coated with bitumen emulsion. Finally the asphalt is blasted into the void, self compacting from the bottom up so requiring no additional compaction.


  • Low carbon footprint compared to using hotmix asphalt.
  • No waste generated.
  • No excavation so no damage caused to the lower layers.
  • Fast installation so minimal disruption to road users – reduced traffic management costs.
  • Can receive traffic immediately.
  • Can save up to 80% cost compared to conventional repairs.
  • Higher daily outputs compared to conventional asphalts.
  • No noise, no dust, no hand arm vibration issues.

Some Important Considerations

  • Good bond achieved with existing substrate.
  • Mobile equipment mounted on motorised vehicle.
  • Efficient 2 man operation.
  • The process is suitable for repairing the following:
  • Potholes – preventative, programmed and emergency.
  • Pre-surface dressing patching.
  • Edge deterioration, haunching.
  • Sealing and extending the life of worn conventional repairs.
  • Depressions, cracking and crazing.