Issue 5 | Winter 2011


RSTA Sector Updates

Surface Dressing Sector

The Surface Dressing Technical Committee met on October 19th. Key discussion items included:

CE marking was discussed at length as it becomes a mandatory requirement for all contractors to be CE marked by mid 2013. Members are advised to ensure their certified body for audits against BS EN 9001 are also registered with UKAS as a Notified Body as required by EN12271. CE Marking may also affect DLO’s as it is meant to represent industry best practice and some DLO members are now thinking seriously about their own preparations.

The updated SD Code of Practice was also discussed including recent revisions on direct deliveries to Spray Tankers, pre-patching and post sweeping. The new changes were discussed with ADEPT on 24th Nov.

Slurry Surfacing Sector

The Committee met on October 19th. Key discussion items included:
  • How the National Highway Sector Scheme 13 will be affected by CE Marking.
  • Emulsion quality and a number of H&S issues.
  • ADEPT’s comments on the Code of Practice including a design procedure.
  • The new CSKills funded Short Duration Training course for operatives.

High Friction Surfacing Sector

The High Friction Surfacing Committee met at Kilworth Springs on 25th October. Key discussion items included:
  • RSTA are piloting of a new CSkills funded Short Duration training course leading to NVQ level 2 for operatives.
  • BBA introduction of Interim Technical Reports which could confuse local authorities.
  • New induction training for operatives in accord with the new Code of Practice requirements.
  • The latest CPD Training seminar.

Specialist Treatments Sector

A number of initiatives and issues were examined at the recent meeting, including:
  • The Road Recycling Sub-Committee has produced a new draft Code of Practice for Structural Recycling which was presented to ADEPT on 24th November seeking their endorsement.
  • New Codes for Velocity Patching and Thermal Road Repairs and an amended Code of Practice on Geosynthetics & Steel Meshes was also discussed with ADEPT on 24thNovember.
  • The Geosynthetics & Steel Meshes Sub-Committee is to be recognised as a new Sector within the RSTA as it now has 8 members representing most of the market in terms of manufacture and installation.
  • A new sub-committee on Crack Repair Systems will be formed in the New Year.

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