Issue 10 - Autumn 2013


RSTA Sector Updates


The Surface Dressing Technical Committee last met on 21st February. Key items discussed include:

  • Reviewed proposed changes to HD37 in the DMRB and MCHW 900 series with comments submitted to the Highways Agency
  • Discussed changes to the Surface Dressing Code of Practice
  • Discussed a new project to use local authorities SCRIM data to argue for a relaxation of PSV requirements on local roads
  • CE marking is a key issue for members as it became mandatory on 1st July
  • Members reviewed and commented on the Code of Practice for Signing at SD Sites before being forwarded onto ADEPT
  • Discussed with Tony Stock of the University of Derby feedback on the new Diploma.


The last meeting of the Committee met on 4th February and was devoted to reviewing the proposed changes to HD37 effecting slurry surfacing. Comments on the proposals have been submitted to the Highways Agency.


The High Friction Surfacing Committee met on 26th March. Key discussion items included:

  • Majority decision taken by members to promote the RSTA/ADEPT Service Life document highlighting Cold Applied HFS systems should last for 8 years on average compared to 4 years for hot applied
  • The HAPAS scheme for HFS has been adjusted this season to increase the number of BBA site audits and also to include spot check audits at manufacturer’s sites. These changes are designed to better understand the durability of all HFS systems
  • Proposed changes to HD37 affecting HFS with comments submitted to the Highways Agency


The Committee met on 20th March and discussed the following items:

  • New Code of Practice published in March for Crack and Joint Repair Systems endorsed by ADEPT
  • Progress made with developing a new Code of Practice for Fine Milling and Asphalt Preservation
  • New Sub-committee has been established for Patch Repairs with the objective of developing new Codes for Innovative Patching Systems and Innovative Patching products. A new Code of Practice for Innovative Patching Systems, peer reviewed and endorsed by ADEPT, was published in August on the RSTA website. This new document combines Spray Injection Patching and Thermal Road repairs
  • The new HMEP specification for maintaining local roads and the need for RSTA input.
  • The need for additional RSTA carbon calculators to be developed for Fine Milling and Asphalt Preservation.


The Committee met on 26th February when it discussed the following items:

  • The new chapter in HD37 DMRB Vol.7 on Geosynthetics & Steel Meshes with comments submitted to the Highways Agency
  • Standardisation issues in particular members’ compliance with Sector Scheme 13. Members marking progress towards obtaining the A1 Assessors qualification to enable operatives obtain their NVQ’s and endorsed CSCS cards in accordance with NHSS13
  • Agreement reached that RSTA should develop a new Carbon Calculator
  • Development of a new specification for Geosynthetics & Steel Meshes for inclusion in 900 Series Specification for Highway Works
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